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Orchard 1
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Picture credit : Vincent Callebaut Architectures /Paris
This space-age looking development of eco homes in a self-sustainable development is about to become a reality in China.
All the homes will be able to capture and use solar energy, recycling lagoons will capture rainwater for use by residents and human waste will be turned into natural fertilizer.
People living and working in the new community will be able to get to work on electric bicycles.
Residents will be able to harvest organically grown fruit and vegetables for the dinner table
The architect behind the project in Yunnan Province, named Flavours Orchard, is Paris-based green specialist Vincent Callebaut
It’s described as a pioneer along the Daguan river connecting centre of Yunnan capital city Kunning, to the Dianchi lake.
Kunning is 1894 meters above sea level and so benefits from a temperate climate all the year that gives to it the local name of  The City of Eternal Spring .
The site chosen for the Flavours Orchard consists of several hectares of an old industrial wasteland.
It will become a new eco-district with sustainable innovations that it is hoped will eventually be adopted throughout China.
The idea is to produce more energy and biodiversity than the residents consume by recycling waste in the hope it will eventually lead to the creation of a zero-carbon emission city.
Callebaut said:” Through the creation of such projects, China is recovering its delay on the ecological debt reimbursement and tries to slow down the massive rural exodus it suffers by the creation of new urban prototypes mixing all the advantages of the city and the countryside.”
The so-called plus-energy homes will regulate the light and temperature automatically according to the sun’s path.
OPS: The figure eight-shaped Mobius-style buildings at the planned Flavours Orchard development. The roof features grass and solar panels.

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