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Фотоподборка дня

Stitched Panorama

A Gentile Kiss in the Hot Tub-X2

Bistrot De Lyon-X2




Walking through the cherry blossoms-X2

IMAGES ARE FOR YOUR ONE-TIME EXCLUSIVE USE ONLY AS A TIE-IN TO THE JANUARY 2011 ISSUE OF NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE. NO SALES, NO TRANSFERS. UNAUTHORIZED USE AND/OR FAILURE TO ADHERE TO OUR PUBLICATION REQUIREMENTS WILL RESULT IN PENALTY FEES. Credits and mandatory captions are embedded in the files. Our requirements for using the photos are as follows: 1- credit the photos Carsten Peter/National Geographic 2 - let readers know that the photo is "in the January issue of National Geographic magazine, on newsstands December 28" 3 - show the January cover of NGM (credit: ©National Geographic magazine) 4 - if you put the photo online, you must include ALL of the above AND link back to: www.ngm.com Like a castle on a knoll, a rock formation shines beneath a skylight in Hang Son Doong. A storm had just filled the pool, signaling that exploring season was coming to an end.

The Towers of Power-X2

Stitched Panorama

The Boiling Milky Shallows-X3

Horse Friends-X2




The Umbrella at Sunset-X2

Air Dry-X2

Morning Has Broken Me-X2

The Hotel-X2



The Boats in the Village-X2

The Edges of Hearst-X2


the edge of the farm-X2





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